Our purchasers are an astute group of highly successful professionals. The majority of them have completed new homes and renovations and as such know how hard it is to achieve high quality in construction. The following comments are a testament to the approach we take to every development we put our name to.

Our owners are our greatest asset.

Testimonial from Geoff and Lorraine Thoroughgood

"Our apartment meets our new lifestyle perfectly. The quality of finish is exemplary, and if we do find a defect HELM is fastidious. They left us a detailed handover package, and a project manager has remained on site to help all owners settle in. Nothing ever seems too much trouble for HELM. They are one developer who don’t just talk about their attention to detail, they back it up with action."

Geoff and Lorraine Thoroughgood
Encore Purchasers

Testimonial from Colin and Janice Gallagher

"During the construction phase HELM kept us updated every few months with information and photos, and as we watched the building take shape it was obvious that they were using first class materials and paid great attention to detail. We can’t speak more highly about HELM and their staff."

Colin and Janice Gallagher
Encore Purchasers

Testimonial from Tony and Anna Allen

"We didn’t expect that buying-off-the-plan and moving into an apartment for the first time would be so easy. Dealing with HELM has been a fantastic experience. They guided us through every step, and if there were any problems HELM solved them promptly and without fuss.
“Our apartment is of the highest quality, but this wasn’t a surprise having been shown through a finished apartment at the nearby BAYVIEW development before we made up our mind to buy. We are very happy here for many reasons."

Tony and Anna Allen
Encore Purchasers

Testimonial from Michael and Joanne Sidoti

"Before you buy any property off-the-plan it’s vitally important that you look at a developers’ previous work, and talk to occupants of these buildings if you can. We were lucky enough to know people who lived in two previous HELM developments, so we inspected their apartments and also gained ringing endorsements about the company’s standard of service.
HELM is professional and proud of their workmanship, and this reflects in the number of awards they have won. I know that they only undertake an average of one project per year so they don’t over-commit their resources, and they have their own skilled tradespeople controlling every stage, from concept through to completion."

Michael and Joanne Sidoti
Encore Purchasers


"I am in the building trade and I can only describe HELM’s product as ‘Exceptional’. It’s the reason I bought an apartment in Encore and I’d be happy to recommend HELM to anyone. The key to their quality is the staff. Those that I’ve dealt with are perfectionists who take great pride in their workmanship and won’t settle for anything but the best."

Terry Parathyras
Encore Purchaser


"HELM have been a wonderful company with which to deal. They have great staff who promote HELM’s commitment to serving their customers so well. HELM’s great reputation is fully deserved and we thank you."

Susanne & Anthony Wadey
Laurier Purchasers

Testimonial from Stephen and Kim Levy

"When you deal with HELM you get this sense of family which is very reassuring. Quality is of paramount importance to them, and they are always willing to oblige. Because downsizing into an apartment is such an important decision we were naturally apprehensive, but HELM kept us fully informed every step of the way."

Stephen and Kim Levy
Laurier Purchasers


"Having to downsize from my five-bedroom family home of 49 years into an apartment because I’m now on my own filled me with trepidation. I looked at several unit developments and was not impressed. Then I saw what HELM was offering and it was like: ‘Wow, what a difference’. My apartment in Laurier is wonderful in every way; spacious with plenty of light, quiet and beautifully finished. It’s lovely. I’m so happy I put my faith in HELM, and I congratulate them."

Andrew Vassalios
Laurier Purchasers

Testimonial from Tony & Ryann Michaels

"Security and ease of being able to lock-up-and-leave to travel were foremost in our minds when we made the decision to downsize. Our investigations revealed that the reputation of HELM was impeccable and that they were leaders in their field of high-end apartments for owner-occupiers. HELM hasn’t skimped on anything, everything is top of the line. There is heaps of storage, the apartment is very quiet, and the attention to detail has made our decision to move even more appealing. Living here is absolute bliss."

Tony & Ryann Michaels
Laurier Purchasers


"Having decided to downsize we found an off-the-plan apartment we thought would be suitable. However, when it was completed we realised it wasn’t the location we wanted to live in, so we on-sold it. That’s when we were lucky enough to discover the HELM difference. Laurier is a boutique building in an energising location where residents are owners, not tenants, so there is great pride in maintaining standards. Our apartment is fantastic and the HELM team are extremely professional."

John & Donna Watts
Laurier Purchasers

Testimonial from Anna & Bob Heiler

"Having lived in a big house for so long, we were apprehensive about downsizing. Increasing our anxiety was the fact that we had never bought off-the-plan before. But we need not have worried, and we are delighted to be living at Laurier. HELM was very professional throughout the entire process. The finished building and the apartment interiors look exactly like the images in the Laurier sales brochure. HELM’s attention to our particular needs and circumstance and the help they gave us moving in, has been exemplary."

Anna & Bob Heiler
Laurier Purchasers


"My apartment in Laurier is the third time I have purchased off-the-plan in Helm developments and I have been delighted with each decision. I am in the property industry so I understand quality and integrity. Helm wins industry awards for a good reason, delivering on its promises and ensuring the purchasing process is as seamless as possible.”"

Richard Rubenach
Director Shore Commercial Property & Laurier Purchaser

Testimonial from Judith & Roger Williams

"Buying off-the-plan took a leap of faith for us, but it was a decision we do not regret for one moment. In fact, the design of the building and the quality of the finishes, fixtures and fittings exceeds our expectations. Not only did HELM build a first class apartment building but they have created a huge sense of community amongst the residents. They remained on site for several months after settlement to help residents move in and iron out any of the inevitable teething problems with a new building."

Judith & Roger Williams
ESQUE Body Corporate Chair

Testimonial from Annette Barnett

"Outstanding quality. Great attention to detail. Built to the highest standards. It was a big move for me after being in my home for 26 years and I am delighted with my purchase. If there were more developers like HELM it would be a great asset to the community and the environment."

Annette Barnett
ESQUE Penthouse Purchaser

Testimonial from Laura & Romin Patel

"Everyone at HELM is a pleasure to deal with. Their level of friendliness and helpfulness has way exceeded our expectations. They pulled out all the stops to produce a building that is not only fabulous to live in but which will stand the test of time. It is leagues above other small scale developments, with finishes that put it at the very premium end of the scale."

Laura & Romin Patel
ESQUE Body Corporate Treasurer

Testimonial from Freda Huang

"I can’t give enough praise to the HELM team. They have done an excellent job to ensure the best quality has been delivered, and taken care of all our enquiries in a timely manner. What HELM has done is a breath of fresh air to the residential development industry. Everyone who has visited my new home has given it the thumbs up."

Freda Huang
ESQUE Purchaser

Testimonial from Kate & John Holland

"It was a difficult decision for us to downsize, however when we saw HELM’s plans and proposed finishes we decided it was time. The complex is beautifully finished and the layout allows for ample cross ventilation and daylight into all parts of the apartment. But probably more important was the attention to detail that HELM gave. The personnel from HELM were quick to respond, easy to work with and the pride that each of them have taken in this development is noticeable."

Kate & John Holland
ESQUE Body Corporate Secretary


"We are extremely happy with HELM and love living at ESQUE. We have been delighted about the quality of the finishes and the courtesy, co-operation and support of the staff. Any problem we had was no problem for them."

Jan & Bruce Carter
ESQUE Purchaser

Testimonial from Susan & Paul Hewson

"HELM is one of those rare developers who seem more focussed on customer satisfaction than profit. We are delighted with their service and support. They helped co-ordinate our move, provided a detailed handover package, and made some changes we requested to our apartment – all at no cost."

Susan & Paul Hewson
ESQUE Body Corporate Member

Testimonial from Alf & Lydia Dimarco

"It’s a landmark building which will do wonders for property values in the area. We have worked on some of Sydney’s most exclusive homes and the HELM craftsmanship and finishes are impressive. Before we bought here I inspected HELM’s development in South Cronulla, Latitude, and that convinced me they were in the elite category. My wife Lydia and I are over the moon with our apartment. In fact, I have friends who want to buy into HELM’s next project."

Alf & Lydia Dimarco
Bayview Purchaser & FGA Granite & Marble Owner


"We love it here. We took the gamble and it has paid off. Our apartment is much roomier than I thought it would be. The finishes are fantastic and the building looks great. We had never bought off-the-plan so it took faith in the developer that what we were buying would turn out as well as it looked in their marketing material. We did our homework, and everyone we spoke to was glowing in their praise of HELM. They guided us through the process and couldn’t have been more helpful. They have delivered a beautiful building and a perfect apartment for us."

Nicholas & Anastasia Zaronias
Bayview Purchaser


"For HELM it’s personal pride, and this reflects in their end product. They are professional and fastidious with every aspect, from their quality control to hand-over. They have delivered above and beyond my expectations. From my experience it’s HELM first and daylight second."

Harry Nikolopoulos
Bayview Purchaser & Mediterranean Marble & Granite Owner

Testimonial from Costa Loucopoulos

"The architecture is just beautiful and the overall development is outstanding. The design promotes natural light into our apartment and each product is top quality, even down to the smallest detail. HELM bent over backwards to meet our needs and kept us fully informed of progress during construction. They showed genuine interest in us, and are really decent people of great integrity."

Costa Loucopoulos
Bayview Purchaser


"The funny thing is we don’t miss the space, or the views . . . or the stairs. Miriam doesn’t miss the three days a week it took her to keep the house clean and tidy, and I certainly don’t miss maintaining the pool and the gardens. Our new lifestyle is amazing. We are close to our grandkids and everything we need is handy. When I checked out HELM I found that they funded their own projects, were very selective with their sites and only did one development at a time. I couldn’t recommend them more highly. The HELM staff have been exceptional."

William & Miriam Gable
Bayview Purchaser

Testimonial from Janet Weston

"I cannot speak too highly of the HELM experience. The staff were efficient and caring. The building process and final product met my expectations, and I look forward to my new lifestyle at BAYVIEW."

Janet Weston
Bayview Purchaser

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