HELM's team have created exceptional real estate developments.

HELM controls every facet of each luxury apartment development. As developer and builder we are able to ensure the delivery of meticulously crafted apartment homes. 

HELM's team has been selected for their understanding of luxury apartment developments, their skill, and proven attention to detail. Each member has been instrumental in the development of a significant number of award-winning and highly distinguished projects.


We are acutely aware of the social legacy each of our projects leaves to the community. We also understand that each project must be designed to be far more than just pleasing to the eye. To this end, we select highly skilled industry professionals who are committed to producing projects that are durable, functional, practical, timeless.


HELM focuses on developments where extensive research confirms there is pent up demand for the type of development proposed.


Every facet of the development and construction process including site acquisition, concept design, design development, authority approvals, recurrent cost analysis, construction, marketing and sales is controlled by HELM.


HELM is dedicated to producing high quality, innovatively designed buildings that are balanced and beautifully proportioned. Simply put, buildings of architectural excellence.


One of the most critical components of any project is the construction process.

HELM's Design and Project Managers are involved in each project from the design development phase. This process allows appropriate and demonstrated materials to be selected, with a focus on recurrent costs; trusted construction detailing is incorporated; and a meticulous standard of finish and workmanship is achieved. 

Sales & Marketing

HELM works closely with agents who share HELM's values and combines their knowledge and expertise with HELM's experience and intricate understanding of the markets it participates in to create benchmark developments.