1 July 2021

Repeat Buyers are the best recommendation

Laura Porter & Romin Patel - Esque & Ora Purchasers

Laura Porter & Romin Patel - Esque & Ora Purchasers

The multi-award-winning Developer-Builder HELM has completed an eye-catching apartment project called Ora, which has set new design and quality standards for Dolls Point. Among the first buyers were Laura Porter & Ramin Patel. This is their story:

"Over the last 15 years we've purchased five properties off the plan - two in the UK and three in Sydney. We've gone on to call four of them home. This four will soon become five when the HELM Ora development is complete.

Being seasoned off the plan purchasers we know a 'good thing' when we see it. We're also now highly attuned to those hidden warning signs that suggest when a property purchase based on plans alone is to be avoided at all costs.

For us that 'good thing' is any development that the HELM team work their magic on.

That's why almost seven years to the day since buying in the Esque development in Mosman we didn't hesitate for a single moment to upsize into one of the Penthouse Apartments in Ora.

In fact, we knew we'd be taking one before we'd even seen any plans or prices.

Why? Because in the few years between Esque and Ora we've been through the mill, a painful mill, after purchasing in a development on the Northern Beaches.

With hindsight we see it as a blessing in disguise as they say - a lesson in what inferior looks like. It squarely taught us that you don't know what you've got until it's gone. The experience gave us absolute unwavering confidence that no one builds like HELM.

Why? The list is long but here are just four reasons to choose HELM:

  • They invest in timeless and beautiful fixtures and fittings - everything from the tapware, to the drawer mechanisms to the splash backs even the light switches have a wow factor.

  • They know how much value a smart layout and an abundance of natural light can add, not only in creating a sanctuary to call home but also a solid investment that can only go one way in value.

  • They don't just build homes- they build communities of like minded people. You become not just part of a building but part of a group of neighbours who all share the same pleasure in living in such a unique space.

  • They're a pleasure to deal with. They do what they say they will, and more, and keep you informed every step of the way. From the moment you pick your apartment to well beyond the day you collect the keys you're in safe hands.

To summarise, we couldn't say it better than Domain property journalist Dea Jolly, who wrote: "A good architect will help your dreams become a reality and a great team of tradespeople are worth their weight in gold. These experts will make or break your project ... so listen to their recommendations, look at their prior work and don't make decisions based only on price."

Buying off the plan can be daunting - so many things can go wrong. So many promises made and expectations set when you put down 10% that can fall by the wayside as soon as contracts are exchanged.

Not with HELM. That's why we'll be spending the time until the project is completed anticipating Ora - confident we've purchased what will be one of the most stunning developments in Sydney, if not in Australia." ■